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Andrew Newton Hypnotherapy

Easy Weight Loss / Smoking Cessation / Stress & Anxiety 

Confidence & self-esteem / Trauma / PTSD / Letting go of the past / Fears & Phobias

Relationship Recovery / Rejection / Grief & Loss 

Anxiety and Confidence in Children & Teenagers

Men’s Health Magazine, October 2017

“My editor tasked me with finding out whether hypnotism has first-hand legitimacy… I found myself visiting four hypnotherapists over the course of eight weeks in an attempt to cure my own particular complaint… only Andrew Newton was successful.

“I have used my 44 years experience to help innumerable people retake control of their lives… my priority is to listen to the client and understand what they need to achieve life changing results in ONE session.”

International reputation as one of the world’s most respected and
experienced hypnotists.

Hypnotised 62,000 people worldwide

Senior Trainer in Hypnosis at Hypnoseakademiet, Norway, Europe’s leading Hypnotherapy Training School.
Andrew Newton taught Paul McKenna, Igor Ledochowski, Lyn Davis and more than 700 hypnotherapists worldwide.
Andrew Newton lectures at psychology conferences in the UK Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
Made four groundbreaking films showing how hypnosis changes perception in Melbourne, Australia.
Lectured on Hypnosis at Universities and Institutes of Technology in India
Training fees from just £1,000.
Includes free access to books, student notes, therapy scripts etc.

Andrew Newton is the author of 36 books and over 100 published articles on psychology and hypnosis

Expand your knowledge… increase your awareness… improve your life…

Andrew Newton Hypnotherapy
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