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    Please Note:
    My fees for Hypnotherapy are £199.00 (Australia: $390 | New Zealand: $420 | US: $240)
    There are no additional fees or charges.
    I will ALWAYS reply in person and will NEVER refer you to another therapist without talking to you first.

    Hypnotherapy sessions are tailored to your own specific needs and you will have my full attention, no matter how long it takes – usually from 2½ to 3 hours.

    A hypnotherapy session online is exactly the same as a face-to-face session – we will be able to see each other and you can use a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even a mobile phone. You will need to sit in a comfortable chair. Please have a pillow or cushion handy.

    Part of the session may be audio recorded so you have a ‘top-up’ in your pocket whenever you need it. Sessions are confidential and no information will be passed to any third party (See Privacy Policy).