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Over-eating is the most common eating disorder. In the 21st century, we are inundated with a deluge of readily available cheap, offal-based animal products – salty, sugary, lardy, nourishment-free junk masquerading as fast food.

Instant access to the type of short-term gratification known as comfort eating is a major health problem, resulting in obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and an inability to find anyone willing to be seen in public with you!

Binge eating, followed by vomiting (or laxative abuse) before the body has time to digest the contents of your stomach — known as bulimia — are more common than one might imagine. Anorexia Nervosa is now depressingly popular, thanks to social media and teen magazines that encourage young girls to think they are fat. According to many health professionals, these behaviours are a form of self-harm.

Self-harm or self-inflicted injury is prevalent mostly amongst teenage girls and vulnerable youngsters are being influenced by ‘fashion tips’ on the internet. Youngsters are especially susceptible to the delusion that supermodel posh-spice-stick-figures are the norm… They are not.

Self-mutilation is also linked to feelings of extremely low self-esteem. Self-inflicted injuries are easy to spot and the current conventional wisdom is that these injuries are ways of relieving anger or frustration. The physical damage reinforces a youngster’s feelings of low self-worth.

Other forms of self-harm — alcohol abuse, unusual or anti-social behaviour, or drug use — are more mundane but also more familiar. Self-harmers are usually in denial — they nearly always claim they know what they’re doing and that they are in control. Excessive tattooing and body piercing fall into the same category. Fashion is one thing, but a fashion statement that stays with you forever has to be considered seriously. Self-mutilation does not make you a better or greater person, and teenagers need to understand this.

Hypnotherapy can install perspective and change in victims because hypnosis works on the imagination… ironically, the very cause of the condition in the first place! Just 3 short hypnotherapy sessions can turn a teenager’s life around.