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About 10% of people experience depression at least once in their lives, although women — especially between the ages of 35 to 45 — seem to be more prone to it.

It was once thought that hypnotherapy was not a suitable therapy for people with depression, but we now know that hypnosis can be a powerful tool to combat it. Depression can result in higher than normal levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Hypnosis can help reduce this by helping to calm mind and body.

The physical signs of depression include lethargy, constant tiredness, loss of appetite or even over-eating. Other symptoms include poor sleeping patterns, sadness, hopelessness, and the idea that they are useless and nothing ever goes right. When any of these symptoms become disproportionately prolonged, depression is the result.

Depression brought on by a certain event or series of events is known as Reactive Depression. If there is no discernible cause, then it’s known as Endogenous Depression.

Some people find their depression can recur without warning. Manic depression — sometimes known as bi-polar depression — is a different thing altogether, and mood swings — from extreme sadness to extreme feelings of elation — occur for no apparent reason.

Hypnosis helps you recoup lost energy, rehearse new positive behaviours, and build motivation. The first hypnotherapy session will usually be followed by several shorter sessions. Making a strong and secure connection with your inner self and learning to control those mood swings is the aim of the first session. The session also focuses on reducing anxiety and better sleep but they also help to improve self-esteem and self-confidence, helping clients regain ownership and control of their lives.

Feelings of guilt or shame can be soul-destroying and feeling chronically guilty is only painful because the pain of guilt is its own punishment.

Hypnotherapy can help you climb out of that rut and start to enjoy life to the full because shame isn’t necessarily linked to a particular perception of yourself… it’s more to do with a sense of doubt about your core identity. Hypnosis can help rid yourself of the idea that you’re bad or inferior, and visualisation techniques and even self hypnosis can effect a quick change and get you back on track again.