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Andrew Newton Hypnotherapy

We all indulge in repetitive behaviours every day — repetitive actions help us structure our lives and keep things predictable and manageable.

But for some people, the ability to determine that a behaviour has served its purpose and can now be safely discarded is unthinkable. Instead, they can find themselves in a nightmare of repeating the same pattern over and over, with no sense that enough is enough.

Obsession too easily leads to compulsive behaviours and there is an emotional component to obsessional ideas. Recurring or persistent obsessional or compulsive behaviours affect not only the behaviour of the individual, but those around them. People who wash their hands twenty-seven times a day or people who can’t get through life without bizarre and pointless rituals often alienate those close to them, and that includes family and friends.

The good news is that compulsions, no matter how bizarre, can be treated effectively with hypnosis. Hypnosis can help develop a sense of perspective between reality and unreality… the difference between obsessive compulsive behaviour and the real world. Hypnosis is a powerful way of modifying individual experience in situations that used to trigger compulsive behaviour.

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