Andrew Newton Therapy

Andrew Newton Hypnotherapy

The act of closing your eyes and mentally rehearsing what you’re going to do (or not do) is the same as installing the neurological software in your brain that you need to change your behaviour and live in a different way.

The first step is to just think about — imagine — the way you’re going to behave in the future… the way you want to be…

By doing this, your brain is no longer simply a record of the past, but a roadmap to the future which will help you start acting like a happier and more confident person — the person you want to be — with confidence in your own abilities, in your own decisions.

So keep installing that software! If you keep doing this, the software will soon become the new hardware programme. It’s not magic… it’s the way the brain works and the way the brain learns.

You can do this several times a day… It only takes a few seconds… and the more you mentally practice it, the more deep seated the desire to act and behave the way you want to becomes.

As you practice, imagining how you’re going to behave in the future — how you want to be in the future — it will become second nature.

You will be conscious of what you’re doing and once you’re conscious of your own behaviour, the change will become easier than you ever thought possible!

Just start practicing (in your head) what steps you’re going to take to change… to change what you’ve been doing and start doing something different — every time!