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Smoking Cessation

Stop Smoking in 1 Hour!

“Quitting smoking is easier than you think… because contrary to popular belief, smoking is not an addiction, its a habit!

One session of hypnosis is all it takes…”



9 reviews for Smoking Cessation

  1. Michael Woolley

    “One session with Andrew back in 2004 in Jersey 18 years ago – not touched a cigarette since then… I was smoking 40 plus a day – definitely recommend him.”

  2. Cherie McMillan (New Zealand)

    For sure! Listened to cd one evening 12 years ago, no cravings and habits completely gone the next morning. Even forgot to light up a cigarette that morning.

  3. Michael Robert Steel

    “I stopped after I had the privilege of meeting Mr Newton.”

  4. Heather Wilson

    “Andrew stopped me smoking too x”

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